Here’s an interesting video by Jaiya, a sex educator and author of a work called Red Hot Touch. She talks about the Tantric, Taoist, and Shamanic approaches to male sexuality, and specifically, premature ejaculation and/or ejaculatory problems.

Since I have background and a very strong connection to Eastern philosophies, especially Taoism, as you may have noted on other posts here, her discussion here really resonated with me. I would only add to her comments that if you are new to Tantric/Taoist practices, and you decide to experiment with Jaiya’s recommendations regarding the perineum (million dollar spot, between scrotum and anus) that you simply be very careful. There are very real, physical and essentially, “hydraulic” things happening in the male plumbing at the moments preceding, and during, orgasm and ejaculation.

Applying too much pressure, and/or forcing any kind of blockage at the wrong time, can cause injury and pain, so I recommend getting some individual coaching before you try those specific techniques.

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